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We all just love to smell great, but most people know that buying  designer perfumes can burn a real hole in our pockets. Just imagine if you could enjoy your favourite perfume at a fraction of the price. Well the good news is... that you can.
We can offer you a Personalised Perfume Consultation, here at Perfect Touch  to find out what perfume  is really for you or alternatively, get a few friends together for a fun filled pamper party with a difference. Our prices range from £11.99 to £24.99 for our Luxury range.
Our Perfumes are made by DROM one of the biggest  and most respected perfume producers in the world today and bottled by Perfand who ship them directly to our independant distributors, therefore cutting out all the middlemen.
Our  range of over 150 perfumes  as opposed to  Eau de Toilettes that most shops sell, contain 20 - 30 % perfume oil  in our womens range and between 16 and 30% in the mens range. This makes them obviously of  a much better quality  and therefore last longer. Take a look at one of your named brand bottles, I bet its EDT and not perfume. And because we have such a huge spectrum of scents based on the fusion of the most popular fragrance groups,I guarantee, that there will be one (at least!!) that you will love.
So why if our perfumes are better quality are they less expensive?
Did you know that the liquid in a bottle of perfume represents only 3% of the final cost? Prices  for designer brands are so inflated because you pay for :-
  • Endless logistics and distribution costs
  • Celebrity Endorsements - They dont advertise it for nothing you know.
  • Expensive advertising campaigns- billboards, magazines, tv etc
  •  Expensive demonstration counters in department stores including their staff and rental overheads.
Our perfumes , although of equal or better quality are less expensive because:-
  • Our products are shipped from manufacturer directly to the independant distributor
  • .We dont advertise, instead all our marketing is done by reccomendation and referral , yes good old word of mouth.
  • FM perfumes and cosmetics is a multi million global company. Bear in mind that  theres a reason for that, People will only buy good quality products..
      Times are hard but there is no need to sacrifice looking good and smelling great.If you want to find out more, contact us  or visit our website for more info.
 I am currently recruiting team leaders and independant distributors, so if you love smelling great and like meeting new people whilst earning some extra money then dont wait, call me  now or email me