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On like Polish, wears like Gel - Off in Minutes  -- Really!
When we have a manicure or pedicure, all we really want is for our nails to look great with a fantastic shine that lasts. How many times have you left the salon and smudged your nails before you even got home, or gone to sleep that night and woken up with sheet marks on your fingers or toes? That can all end now if you upgrade your nail service to a Shellac Nail Colour from Creative Nail Design. This innovative hybrid  product involves no damage or filing to the natural nail, is applied like a polish and wears like a gel and most importantly is removed in 10 minutes - (really!) A long lasting beautiful colour with a mirror like shine that will protect your nails for 14 days and no tedious soak offs to remove it.  Perfect Touch are  honored to be amongst the first salons in the UK to be able to offer this innovative new nail colour service which takes the best features of polish and the best features of UV gel and combines them to offer a UV nail colour that will give you 14 days of flawless coverage with a mirror like shine.  See the verdict by  Vogue   or  click  here to see one of many independent reviews about this fantastic new service available to you, here at Perfect Touch.  Come and try out the brand new service that is taking the beauty world by storm. Come and be Shellacked by Sue!
Say goodbye to waiting for nails to dry post nail service.                   Say Hello to zero drying time.
Say goodbye to chips smudges and scratches and dullness.          Say hello to 14 days absolutely flawless wear.
Say goodbye to less than perfect results (and sheet marks! )         Say hello to beautiful mirror finish every time.
Say goodbye to weak damaged nails prone to snags.                        Say Hello to gorgeous snag proof protected nails.
Say goodbye to damaging removal from a file or drill.                         Say Hello  to safe easy removal in 10 minutes
Get Shellacked today.
Shape and Shellac Colour Service  (includes cuticle work)   -   £20       Shape & Shellac French  (includes cuticle work)       £25
 Manicure inc Exfoliation and Shellac Colour/French               £25/30       Luxury Manicure and Shellac Colour/French      £35 /£40  
Shellac Removal/ Removal with Recolour                                   £10/£5


Retail Remover Pads - £3.50        Shellac Remover  D- Solve 250ml - £5.00
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